Veterans’ Service Celebrated

Potluck Dinner at Veterans' celebration by National Honor Society

Over one hundred Hanna, Elk Mountain, Medicine Bow veterans, their families, and friends attended the third annual “Giving Thanks to Our Veterans” celebration in the H.E.M. multipurpose room at 6:30 p.m. last Tuesday, 11/19/2013. The H.E.M. National Honor Society, led by faculty advisor, Sarah Jones, hosted this Thanksgiving-style potluck feast. Eight turkeys were served, and the guests impressed each other with their salad- and dessert-making skills.

Quade Palm, National Honor Society vice-president, delivered a welcoming speech, recognizing and thanking the veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice. The H.E.M. Choir and Band, led by the new music teacher, Ms. Glasser, sang and played the Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, My Country ‘Tis of Thee, and the anthems from all the branches of the armed services, including the Coast Guard, ending with a moving rendition of Echo Taps, in honor of the departed soldiers.

Maggie Johnson, National Honor Society president, then addressed the gathering to offer a special recognition to Lonnie Briggs for his “sacrifice and devotion,” not only in his military service in the Army but his many years of participating in and leading the Hanna VFW Post. To much applause, Mr. Briggs took the podium and in turn offered a certificate of recognition to Hanna Marshall Jeff Neimark for his efforts in apprehending the person who tore down two of the flags the last time the VFW’s impressive Avenue of Flags was displayed from Hanna to Elmo. Mr. Briggs expressed gratitude to the National Honor Society for the thank-you dinner, saying giving thanks to a veteran “means more than anything.” He also said that our flag needs to be displayed proudly in the schools and the pledge of allegiance “said everyday.”

The assembly dispersed into the windy Hanna night after about two hours, replete with good food and fellowship and appreciative of the opportunity to thank and be thanked.

Lonnie Briggs

H.E.M. Choir

H.E.M. Band

Lonnie Briggs
HEM choir
HEM band
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