Another Chance for Health Fair

Wyoming Health Fairs will be traveling to Hanna on Tuesday, April 12th, to host a blood screening event from 6:30 to 8:30 in the morning. Tests include blood chemistry profile for $35, hemogram (CBC) for $20, PSA for $30, vitamin D for $40, thyroid panel for $30, and hemoglobin A1C for $25, as well as numerous other tests.

Wyoming Health Fairs does not bill insurance but provides a receipt that can be turned in to insurance. WHF will mail a copy of the results to an address provided, and results are available on line at any time. WHF will email or fax results to your physician upon request.

The chemistry profile requires 12 hours of fasting for accurate glucose level and cholesterol averages. Diabetics should only fast for 6 hours. Testing is valuable even if you cannot fast. C-reactive protein testing requires abstaining from caffeine for 12 hours in order to be accurate.


Many questions are answered on the Wyoming Health Fairs website. CLICK HERE


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