General Elections Coming Up

On Tuesday, November 4th at 7 a.m., the polls will open in Hanna at the Town Hall for the 2014 general election. Voter turnout is usually smaller in a “midterm” election when the United States presidency is not up for vote, but here in Hanna there is good reason to make the effort to cast your vote. In a small town such as ours, one vote can make a difference; no where else will your vote have so much impact as in the local election. There are two candidates for the office of mayor here in Hanna. Tony Poulos, the incumbent, is on the ballot. Linda Wagner is running a write-in campaign. Bob Patton was on the ballot but has dropped out for health reasons. Three candidates are on the ballot for two council seats, Tracy Fowler, Pat Gregory, and Bill Klemola, the incumbent.

The offices of Wyoming governor, senator, representative to the U.S. Congress, and many others are on the ballot, as well as the One Percent Sales Tax and the Two Percent Lodging Tax.

Click here for a sample ballot for inside Hanna.

Click here for other Carbon County sample ballots.

Take a look. Print one out. Do a little research. Take the time to be informed.

The Hanna Headlight plans to publish statements from the candidates in about two weeks. If you are running a write-in campaign not listed above please contact the editor at


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