Hanna Candidates for Council

Three candidates are running for two seats on the Hanna Town Council. The open seats are four-year terms. Bill Klemola is the incumbent. Tracy Fowler and Patricia “Pat” Gregory are the challengers. The council candidates, mayoral candidates, and the public are invited to a meet-and-greet at the Baptist Church on Wednesday, October 22nd, at 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Mission statements from the candidates are below and listed in alphabetical order.

Vote on Tuesday, November 4th!


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My name is Pat Gregory; I am running for the council seat for the Town of Hanna.

I have lived in Hanna for 43 years.  I am married to Richard Gregory.  I have raised two children who currently live in Hanna with their families, and work in the area.  I been a volunteer fireman for 39 years, and was an EMT for 29 years.

My objectives for Hanna, if elected, would to maintain what we already have, which includes streets, water, sewer, the Police Department and the Hanna Rec Center.

But having lived in Hanna through the boom & bust, I would like to see either a small grocery store or a convenience store to at least be able to buy milk or bread without traveling over 40 miles.  I know there are many other things people would like to see done, but we need to keep in mind how much money we have and how much is needed to accomplish those things.


I’m Bill Klemola, current councilman and seeking a second term on the Town Council, because I would like to be able to finish some of the projects we are currently involved with.

When joining the council four years ago, I learned there were a number of town issues that needed attention, and we have worked hard these years to give the town a sound position for the future. My attendance record speaks for itself.

It is sometimes challenging with the declining population to maintain the important infrastructure and to meet the required standards dictated by the state and the federal government.

We are in the process of updating a number of things involved with the water treatment, the landfill, SWEMS, fire protection, and others; and I now feel I have the background knowledge and interest to give the town good decisions regarding these things.  It is important for the Town to move forward with the best possible outlook for the future.

For Hanna to grow and be safe for its residents, our best assets are a sound infrastructure and our recreation center.  I, as your councilman, will do my very best to keep these things in mind and to use our financial resources carefully.


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