Hanna Candidates for Mayor

There are two candidates in the Hanna mayoral race. Tony Poulos is the incumbent mayor, and Linda Wagner is running a write-in campaign for mayor. Mission statements from the Hanna candidates for mayor are below and listed alphabetically. Bob Patton withdrew from the race for mayor due to health reasons. Statements from the candidates running for the Hanna council will appear here shortly. There will be an opportunity to talk to the candidates at a meet-and greet hosted by the Baptist Church on October 22nd at 6 p.m.


Hanna Residents,

My name is Anthony “Tony” Poulos current Mayor of Hanna and running for re-election.

My grandfather and grandmother came to Hanna over 100 years ago to create a better life for themselves. Like nearly everyone who came to Hanna from across the Globe, he got a job working in the coal mines for the Union Pacific. They lived in a town and house owned by the Union Pacific, shopped at the store owned by the Union Pacific, drank water owned by the Union Pacific and eventually used electricity owned by the Union Pacific. Along the way they raised 4 children, 2 girls and 2 boys, who attend schools here in Hanna. My Father Jim and Aunt Evangeline continued to reside in Hanna and raise families, sending children to school here. Currently the 4th generation of the family is attending school here in Hanna.

I am proud, as are numerous other families of having lifelong ties to Hanna. Many other families have chosen to make Hanna their home as well. Some moved here as children, staying raising their children and grandchildren here as well; yet others have been here several years or months.

All of us trying to live together in order to create a community. Not an easy task. Some people content and some not so content. Some with specific agendas, some can’t seem to get over what their neighbor is doing, others unhappy with the mayor and many more just living their life. All, including myself, believing they are right.

Five years ago the farthest thing from my thoughts was to be Mayor of Hanna. My belief in
how problems should be approached is the same now as then. To move forward on a problem certain goals need to be met, compromise from the parties involved, common sense, good information from good people with good advice and the realization that not everyone will be happy in the end. The budget issues are the same here as most anywhere, big city or small town, declining revenues making it harder to meet expenses. So far we have done a good job of staying within budget categories with a few exceptions. A key, I believe, in staying within budgets is to use our available revenue as efficiently as we can. Sometimes this means not spending money, man hours or legal fees when the return won’t cover the investment.

Priorities are water and sewer. We are continuing to upgrade and improve the water treatment
plant. Working on future improvements to waterlines, some began the process years ago, some just recently. New regulations could affect our sewer lagoons; only time will tell.

We have been able to purchase new equipment, in the form of a loader, which will soon be paid off, and skid steer. We have downsized the number of Marshals Office vehicles from 4 to 2, one of those new, and added $12,000 back to the city in the process. The Marshal’ Office will soon have a new Deputy after several failed attempts and a long search.

Many other matters have come about over the last 4 years, some which have been ignored for as long as 30 years. Broken pressure relief valves on the water lines, cracks, up to 3 ft. wide and 20 ft.long, in the 20 mil reservoir, and hot water heat exchangers at the Rec that had not been maintained ever, others which have cost time and money and even negative feeling towards Hanna.

Finally, as important as any service that Hanna helps to administer though the use of all of our tax dollars, is that we are a SMALL town and should remain a small town in the way we are able to live our daily lives.

Please remember to vote Nov. 4, 2014 for the candidate of your choice.

Tony Poulos


My name is Linda Wagner and I am campaigning as a write-in candidate for Hanna Mayor on November 04, 2014.

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and relocated to Hanna in April, 1998.  Back in Pennsylvania, I was a Registered Nurse for 7 years until a severe auto accident ended that career.  I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree from LaRoche College in 1981 and my Master’s Degree in Nursing (MSN) from the University of Pittsburgh in 1983.  I relocated to Hanna in 1998 for the better climate for my health and a less hectic life-style.

I have been honored to represent the residents of Hanna on the Hanna Town Council and am in my 8th year doing so.  I was appointed to the Council in 2007 and elected to that office in 2008 and re-elected in 2012, being the largest write-in vote getter for that office.  During my tenure on the Council, I have written a number of grants getting the Town of Hanna over 3 million dollars for various projects, including the energy conservation measures done in Town buildings.

I have been very active in the community since my relocation to Hanna.  I have volunteered on the Rec. Board for over 10 years, volunteered working King Coal Days those years, have volunteered on the Town’s Bereavement Committee for numerous years, currently volunteer with Bountiful Baskets, and formerly volunteered on the Planning and Zoning Board acting as their Secretary.  I am the past Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary/Treasurer for the Carbon County Council of Governments (CCCOG), as well as the Chair of a number of committees for CCCOG and am honored to currently being the Chair of CCCOG once again in 2014/2015.

I feel a woman can do as good a job as Mayor as a man.  I believe in accountability to the voters who have elected us to office.  I want to see unfinished work finally completed, such as the Water Treatment Plant, and follow through on residents’ concerns.  I want to investigate the possibility of growth in Hanna and work to bring business and industry to our area, creating needed jobs.  And I want transparency in our local government, with no hidden agendas.  I want to see the local government serve as an example to the residents and help to rebuild pride in our homes and community.

In these uncertain times, I will not make any campaign promises.  The only thing I will promise is to continue to work hard for Hanna and its residents and do the best job possible in the office of Mayor.  I will continue to be accessible to the residents of Hanna and be available for consultations and/or meetings as the need arises.  I will continue to be actively involved in County and State functions on Hanna’s behalf.

Thank you for your time and would appreciate your support on November 4th.

Write-in Linda Wagner for Hanna Mayor.



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