Hanna Elementary Spring Concert May 15th

Sleeping Beauty

“Once upon a time, a King and Queen who had yearned for a child of their own were blessed with a baby girl. As the years passed, she grew into a beautiful, talented and definitely above-average young lady. A problem arose when on her 15th birthday, she took a nap…a very long nap.”

Come enjoy this musical as the students of Hanna Elementary take to the stage for the last time. They will bring to life the story of the Royal Court, Seven Graces, a Frog, Seven Wise Sages, a King, a Queen, a Princess, a handsome Prince, and…oh, yes, a forgotten, villainous Old Grace.

Enjoy our humorous version of “Sleeping Beauty” (“The Hundred-Year Snooze”) on Thursday, May 15th, at 6:30 p.m. in the Hanna Elementary Gym.

HES PTA will also be holding a silent auction for desserts as a fundraiser, so please come support our students!


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