Hanna Museum Receives CCVC Check

The Carbon County Visitors’ Council (CCVC) is excited to announce that CCVC has donated a combined total of $44,000.00 to each of our ten museums and one state historic site in the county. With a marked increase in the Carbon County Lodging Tax revenue for fiscal year 2015-2016, the CCVC Board of Directors unanimously voted to donate $4000.00 to each museum and the state historical site.

Beginning on June 15th, the CCCV Board of Directors with Executive Director, Leslie Jefferson began visiting the museums presenting each entity with a $4000.00 check to be used by the museum wherever needed most. “Each of our museums and our state historic site, FT Fred Steele, is a valued Carbon County Tourist attraction” said Leslie Jefferson, CCVC Executive Director. The director went on to explain that with tourism being the #2 industry in the state and with the 100 year birthday celebration of our National Parks this year, “it is a great time to give back to our tourism partners.”

Carbon County enjoys the tourism industry on a daily basis. Not only do travelers take time out to visit our attractions, most will stop for gas, food and possibly lodging. Through an Intercept Study that was conducted for CCVC in 2015, on average 81% of travelers to Carbon County will spend an average of 2.81 nights and spending approximately $241.00 per day here. That is approximately $14.00 per day per traveler in tax revenue. In the Dean Runyan & Associates 2015 Wyoming Travel Impact study, Carbon County enjoyed $167.2 million in Travel Spending which created $3.4 million in Local Tax Revenue and generated 1,470 Jobs within the county travel and hospitality industry.

It is important for our community to know that our museums and state historic site are one of the keys to building a strong Carbon County Tourism Industry. Carbon County Visitors’ Council believes in the commitment, drive and efforts of each or our museums and state historic site and hopes that the $4000.00 donation will help each entity better serve our travelers and tourists.


Locations and Museums/Historic Sites receiving checks:

Rawlins: Carbon County Museum
Wyoming Frontier Prison
Wyoming Peace Officers Museum
Sinclair: Parco/Sinclair Museum
Ft. Steele: Ft. Fred Steele State Historical Site
Hanna: Hanna Basin Museum
Medicine Bow: Medicine Bow Museum
Elk Mountain: Elk Mountain Museum
Saratoga: Saratoga Museum
Encampment: Grand Encampment Museum
Savery: Little Snake River Museum ( which includes their Baggs Outlaw Stop)


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