No More Hanna Recycling

The Hanna recycling center is going to be closing soon, leaving residents on their own to find a way to recycle trash. In the present arrangement, Ark Regional Services leaves a semi trailer at the blue Hanna recycling building. When there are enough recyclables to fill the trailer, someone from Ark drives a truck over from Laramie and hauls it away. This deal with Ark has been on a “break even” basis for the Town of Hanna. The Town has not had to pay the cost of transport not has it been paid for the material.

However, last fall Ark Regional Services wrote a letter to the editor of the Laramie Boomerang, stating, “The mission of Ark Regional Services is to facilitate opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live, learn, work, and play.  Although we are in the recycling business, we are not a recycling business.   Recycling only makes sense if we are able to provide meaningful jobs for people with disabilities or make enough money to bolster the funding for our primary services.  At this time, neither of these objectives is being met, so we must consider how recycling fits into our future.”

Unfortunately, Ark has decided recycling does not fit into its future. On February 3, 2014, Ark Regional Services sent the Town of Hanna a letter stating that Ark is out of the recycling business.

Ark’s decision leaves Hanna without the means to ship, sell, or even give away our recyclables. Ark has arranged for Waste-Not Recycling of Loveland, Colorado, to provide recycling services for most of the business and municipalities that Ark has served, but Waste-Not Recycling does not feel that working with a small town such as Hanna, with our small recyclable output, would be worthwhile for them. Since receiving the letter from Ark and communicating with Waste-Not, the Town of Hanna has been researching other options but has not found an alternative yet, so Hanna recycling will end officially on May 1st. However, residents should be aware that the Hanna recycling center may be close sooner than May 1st because it is unlikely that Ark will bring another trailer once the one here is filled. The Town would like to find a way to continue recycling in Hanna, and ideas from the public are welcomed.



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