Hanna Town Council Meeting – 8/12/2014

On Tuesday, August 14, a public hearing was held before the regular Hanna Town Council meeting to discuss trading in three of the Hanna Marshall’s office vehicles and obtaining a new one. Only one member of the public attended. The Council approved trading in the three vehicles for a value of $39,000. The cost of the new one is $26,860.80, so the Town would end up money ahead. The Town is keeping one vehicle with the lowest number of miles. With the new one, a 2015 Ford Interceptor, the Marshall’s Office would have a total of two vehicles.

The Council also approved moving forward with applying for a grant and a loan, for funding for water line replacement on the loop on South 4th Street. The entire project is to cost about $1.5 million. State statute says the Town must hold a public hearing before putting the town into debt; the Town will hold one prior to accepting the loan. Linda Wagner suggested part of the 4th Street project funding be put in the application for the bi-annual Consensus Grant funding, done by CCCOG, to lower the amount if the indebtedness.  The Council agreed to name part of this project for the amount of $200,000. Another project named for the possible use of the consensus money is the replacement of water lines in the Front Street area.  Both of these water line replacement projects are deemed critical and eventually will have to be done.

The total amount of money available for the Consensus grant funding is $1,911,477 and is to be shared between the County and the other ten municipalities. The decision on the division of the funds will take place at the CCCOG meeting in Dixon in September, so after that date the Town of Hanna will know how much it is allocated towards any project.

The Council approved a contract to live-trap red foxes and transport them to Saratoga to a local rancher via Town of Hanna’s local trapper Tracy Villwok and Carbon County Predator Management. Villwok only would be taking the younger foxes that have been weaned. The rancher wants the foxes to help control his gopher problem.

The next regular Town of Hanna Council meeting will be on Tuesday, September 9, 2014, at 6:00 p.m.

August 21, 2014


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