HEM Athletes Raise $1700+

Wyatt Phillips, Chloe Tolbert, Kelsey Meyer

District-wide budget cuts forced Russ Wiggam, Hanna-Elk Mountain-Medicine Bow Athletic Director, to drop three overnight tournaments from the basketball and wrestling schedule, a boys’ and girls’ trip to the Shoshoni on December 20th and 21st and an all-level high school wrestling tournament in Evanston on December 6th and 7th. The HEM athletes and parents learned of the potential loss of playing opportunities last May, deemed it unacceptable, and went into action. Wiggam said $1600 would be necessary to cover the hotel bill for the tournaments, albeit on a reduced food budget. At that time, the HEM track season was in session and, with the backing of the HEM Parent-Teachers Organization, the track athletes (who are also for the most part the basketball, wrestling, football, and volleyball athletes) raffled tickets to a Luke Bryan concert at Cheyenne Frontier Days, raising $980. During the summer, an impromptu group of athletes, led by Brittany Dys, member of the track, basketball, and volleyball teams, earned $530 selling cotton candy, snow cones, and baked goods at Hanna’ King Coal Days festivities. In August, PTO secretary, Maro Dalley, sent out requests for donations to several companies, and Union Wireless stepped up with $250. The PTO also sponsored an all-you-can-eat soup bar at the volleyball tournament held at HEM on September 14, 2013, with crock pots of soup donated by parents, and earned an additional $600, which will be earmarked for student athletics and other students clubs that are facing deficits. Mr. Wiggam said, “I am impressed how the parents and athletes organized these fundraising efforts. The amount of money raised was quite phenomenal…….”

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