HEM Junior High Boys Win Carbon Co. Basketball Tourney

We are very excited about our team winning the Carbon County Tournament.  In 2002, the administrators in our schools decided to have a “traveling trophy” that goes to the winning team of the tournament.  This is the first time that HEM has won it, so we are all very excited for our team.

We had a good turnout this year for basketball.  We started off with 17 and ended with 15, so we were able to play some “C” games with Saratoga and Baggs.  The “B” team did pretty well this year with a record of 4-5, the “C” team was 2-2.  We capped off the regular season against Baggs and had a wonderful day, beating Baggs in all three games.  The kids did an amazing job of playing as a team and getting the victory.  As far as the “A” team, we had a very successful year. Our record before the tournament was 9-2, having lost by 2 point in the first game against Baggs and by 1 points against Rawlins.  So, losing only two games by a combined score of 3 points is pretty amazing.  The kids really bought into Mr. Soto’s system of the “Run and Gun” which he has had in place for many years.

The tournament was held in Baggs and is seeded according to the record of each team.  This year HEM was the first seed followed by Baggs at #2, Encampment at #3, Saratoga #4, Wamsutter #5. The Baggs B team got to participate in it, so they was seeded #6.  Since we were the first seed, we had a bye the first round and got to play Saratoga in the second round, as they beat Wamsutter.  The final score for our game against the Saratoga Panthers was 44-14.  Shane McGraw lead the way with 20 points.  That game took us right into the championship where we faced off with Baggs.  It was a close throughout the game, but we came out on top 37-32, Shane McGraw leading the way again with 18 points. The starting lineup at the Carbon County Tournament was Johnathan Moniz, Conor McGraw, Shane McGraw, Brendon Reeves, and Basil Phillips.

A parent came into our locker room at the tournament and asked Mr. Soto when he started coaching.  He said he first started coaching in 1966. Forty-eight years of coaching, that is unbelievable.  Also, he is in the Wyoming Coaching Hall of Fame, which is awesome.  I have had the privilege with coaching with him five years now and am amazed how much energy he has.  He is a great role model to our kids and to me as well.


Head Coach: Dario Soto
Assistant Coach: Travis Ward

Joshua Lee 3 6th grade
Jacob Grangruth 4 8th grade
Devon Grosstick 5 6th grade
Taylor Kennedy 10 6th grade
Caleb Bradford 13 8th grade
Conor McGraw 20 7th grade
Alexander Claice 21 7th grade
Ura Schmidt 22 6th grade
Basil Phillips 23 7th grade
Tylor Goodro 24 8th grade
James Wentz 25 8th grade
Brendon Reeves 32 7th grade
Shane McGraw 33 7th grade
Jacob Jeorgesen 43 8th grade
Johnathan Moniz 44 8th grade


by Travis Ward, 12/17/2014



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