Boys’ Hopes for State Hoops Unfulfilled

The HEM Miners boys’ basketball team overcame the Glendo Eagles 81 to 47 in the pigtail game on 2/23/15 to qualify for the East regional tournament. Guard Wyatt Phillips and forward Jake Sutter each made 21 points in that effort and the rest of points were shared by the team. However, the Miners were outgunned by the Kaycee Bobcats, the number one team in the Northeast conference, 59 to 34, in the boys’ first game of the regional tournament in Laramie last Thursday. Wyatt Phillips made 10 of those points. The boys fought hard to keep their hopes for state alive in the Friday game against NSI, taking the game into overtime, but fell 57 to 53, ending their bid for state.

The HEM Miners lose three high-scoring senior starters, Celsey Meyers with 201 points for the season, Trevor Rice with 144, and Christian Gonzales with 120 but retain considerable strength in their underclassmen. Junior Jake Sutter was the team high scorer and rebounder with 205 points and 156 rebounds. Junior and starting guard Wyatt Phillips contributed 175 points, junior Jason Nowak 50 points, and sophomore Jarrett Neimark 115 points.

Coach Clif Jones said, “I thought we had some definite high points during the season.  We were playing our best basketball at the end of the season, and I wish we had a couple of more weeks, as we were starting to play with more energy and enthusiasm.”

Coach Zack Scott posted this on Facebook: “HEM Boys Basketball – I am very proud of you all! You worked hard throughout the year continued to improve and came up just short in overtime against an eventual team headed to state. You proved yourselves as one of the best defensive teams in 1A basketball. I am very proud as always to be your coach. Watching you grow and become the great young men you are, is truly my honor. I would not trade any of you boys for anything, win, lose or draw. Great season, tons of fun and incredible kids!”



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