Lady Miners Finish First in Conference!

Lady Miners Volleyball

Phew! The Lady Miners volleyball team hung on to first place in the Southeast Region Conference despite losing their last three games to Farson, Little Snake River, and Encampment. Thanks to racking up nine points in early season victories against 2A teams Saratoga and Wyoming Indian, and winning a key game against conference rival Rock River in the latter part of the season, the H.E.M. volleyball team finished with 24.5 points, topping second-place Lingle-Fort Laramie’s 23 points. Rock River took third place with 20 points, followed by Guernsey-Sunrise with 17 and Glendo with 2.

The Lady Miner starting lineup is Haley Clark and Shelby Bowen as middle hitters, Darby Bowen and Cheyenne Tomkins as outside hitters, Chloe Tolbert as offside hitter, and Maggie Johnson as setter. Cheyenne Hunter, Perri Freeman, and Jessie Friedericks have rotated in, providing key assistance from the bench.

Lady Miners coach Jackie Jones said, “The girls knew that each and every time they competed this year the outcome mattered in the final standings. They can certainly be proud of becoming the 1A Southeast Conference Champions this season. The team now needs to head into the regional tournament and play like champions – poised and confident.”

The Southeast conference standings are based on a point system with almost all games won earning points and more points awarded for wins against teams in 2A, 3A, or 4A schools. (point system explained). Finishing on top in conference standings gives the Lady Miners the advantage of playing their first game in the regional tournament against a bottom-seeded opponent. That game will be played on October 31st at 9:00 a.m. in Buffalo.

!!!!! GO LADY MINERS !!!!!
!!!!! GO LADY MINERS !!!!!



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