Land Available for Public Use?

After the new Hanna Elementary School is built, the old school building will be demolished. The Town of Hanna has been given the opportunity to obtain that property at little or no cost. The school board is willing to work with the Town of Hanna to help with possible monies left over after demolition of the building and to help find available grant money.

We would like to take this opportunity to ask for Hanna citizens’ opinions on whether or not we should take on the property and what shall we do with it. Please stop by the Town Office or send a note or call us or leave a comment below this article and give us your ideas and thoughts.

A public hearing will be scheduled in January for more public input.

Thank you!

The Town of Hanna
December 6, 2013




Land Available for Public Use? — 1 Comment

  1. I think the space could be used for a small park area with a community garden. The garden could be built with 4×4 plots. They could be raised for the elderly and handicapped. Actually all raised would work for everyone because it is so easy to reach. The garden area could be fenced in to protect from the deer. Parents could bring the kids to help with the garden plots or could play at the small park area that is within eye contact. Thanks…Jamie Jones

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