Landfill Update

household waste Hanna Landfill

At the last High Country Joint Powers Board Meeting, Elk Mountain and Medicine Bow members voted to apply to the State Land and Investment Board for a grant funding the closure of the  High Country Joint Powers landfill in 2015. Elk Mountain and Medicine Bow feel they can transfer their trash elsewhere for less cost than what they are paying to use the HCJP landfill located adjacent to the Town of Hanna, so they favor early closure of the landfill. However, due to the wording of the letter of intent that HCJPB sent to the SLIB and DEQ last fall, the application for this grant must be submitted at the same time as Hanna’s application for a grant to fund a trash transfer station . It would cost the HCJPB and the Town of Hanna each $1,000 to have the grant applications written by PMPC (the Saratoga engineering firm employed by both the Town of Hanna and HCJPB).

Because the current permit does not expire until 2020 and the HCJP landfill is not required to transfer trash until 2018, at its last meeting in February, the Hanna Town Council voted against spending the $1,000 and against applying for the grant for the transfer station at this time. According to the DEQ regulations, the transfer station must be in place before the landfill can be closed. However, the High Country Joint Powers Board is #27 and Hanna is #18 on the DEQ’s priority list for funding. The Town Council concluded the application would be premature and a waste of money since there is not that much grant money available and the state would likely not approve the grant while the landfill still has time on its permit and other larger towns must shut down now.



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