Liam Needs a Diabetic Alert Dog

Spaghetti dinner and silent auction fundraiser will be held on Saturday, June 4th, from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Medicine Bow Elementary School to help purchase a Diabetic Alert Dog for Liam Scott and to help in outreach ministry for the First United Methodist Church of Medicine Bow. Tickets are $5.00 per person or $20.00 per family.

If interested in helping or donating, please contact Courtney Priest at 307-379-2345.

MESSAGE FROM LIAM’S PARENTS: Liam Grayson Scott was born on May 17, 2013 to Zack and Renee Scott. He has five siblings. Liam was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes mellitus at 14 months old. He has been using an insulin pump, and life is very challenging at best. Since Liam was diagnosed and, still at this point, he is unable to tell us when he is hypo- or hyperglycemic. Hypoglycemia can lead to seizures, coma, and death if not treated in time. The continuous glucose sensor that he wears does not work as well as it should. We feel a DAD (diabetic alert dog) would work best. These dogs are very expensive, and insurance does not cover them. We are opening a savings account for Liam and would really appreciate any type of monetary donation to help us get to our goal to afford a DAD. The dog would accompany him everywhere he goes and would alert us if he is hypoglycemic.

For questions, please call Renee Scott at 307-703-0186. We have an account at Laramie Plains FCU and a Facebook page at LIAM: Life Is A Miracle – Liam’s Diabetic Life.

We wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) Information:

Type 1 diabetes is a chronic disease. In type 1 diabetes, the cells in the pancreas that make insulin are destroyed, and the body is unable to make insulin. While the exact cause of type 1 diabetes is unknown, it is thought to be an autoimmune response; something, such as a virus, triggers the body’s immune system to create an antibody that kills the cells in the pancreas responsible for making insulin.

Diabetic Alert Dog (DAD) Information:

Dogs have a naturally heightened sense of smell that makes them excellent hunters. Professional trainers have learned to harness these skills by training dogs to recognize certain smells. These could include the fruity-smelling ketones a person’s body produces when they are experiencing a hyperglycemic episode when blood sugar is too high, or the unique scent a person gives off during a hypoglycemic episode when blood sugar is too low.

A diabetic alert dog is well worth the additional responsibility and visibility he brings when he stands by your child and acts as an amazing early-warning system.

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