Discount Offered by MHCC

Thursday, January 28th, is the last day in Hanna to get a 40% discount on any balance you owe Memorial Hospital of Carbon County, Energy Basin Clinic in Hanna, or any of its affiliated clinics. You can still go to Rawlins and get the 40% discount on Friday, January 29th. In February and March, MHCC and the clinics will be offering a 30% discount on balances and self-pay visits. Call Maro at Energy Basin Clinic at 307-325-6596 or the hospital at 307-324-2221 with questions. This substantial discount could save you money.

When asked why Memorial Hospital of Carbon County is offering these discounts, Cali O’Hare, MHCC Director of Comunications and Marketing, said, “One of the reasons we do this is because it brings in money. After the holidays, money is usually tight as people try to make up for what they spent during the holiday season, and balance that with bills, etc. A discount like this makes it easier for those who are struggling to pay their hospital bill. It gives them an opportunity to have a more affordable bill. And it allows us to see a bill paid in full, which we always prefer, rather than one paid in installments . . . Paying the bill in full also means you won’t have to worry about your account being transferred over to collections. You can basically just pay your bill, get it out of the way, and be done with it, rather than trying to remember to come in monthly and make a payment.”


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