Morgan Kenneda Attends Girls State

Morgan Kenneda, Girls State Delegate from Elk Mountain, attended the 75th session of American Legion Auxiliary Wyoming Girls State held on the campus of Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne on June 11-17.

Kenneda was elected Cottonwood City Engineer and Police Officer and Senate Chaplain.

Upon arrival to the program, girls are assigned to “cities”, where they live during their residence at Girls State.  During the program, which is operated in accordance with the basic laws of the state of Wyoming, girls elect their own city, county and state officials and learn the duties of the various offices; introduce and pass their own bills in the Girls State legislature; make and enforce ordinances regulating their cities; and, manage their own police force to administer justice. Every student holds a definite, integral role in the functions of Girls State. The program invites guest speakers to include government officials, community leaders, military members and veterans who present their perspectives on processes and operations.

Girls State offers a myriad of opportunities to experience government first-hand as a citizen, as a voter, as a candidate, as an official, as a policy maker, as a friend.

The Girls State program emphasizes the importance of government in modern life and educates young women in the duties, privileges, rights, and responsibilities of American Citizenship. It awakens a sincere conviction that a well-informed, intelligent, participating citizenry is vital to protect and preserve our American institutions and our democracy. These goals are achieved by actual participation in a simulation of the political and governmental process.


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