Piece of Hanna History Stolen

Long-time Hanna resident Donna Pipher saw a shocking sight as she passed the old elementary school in Hanna on Friday, April 3rd. The brass plaque listing the names of Hanna World War I veterans was missing from the white, obelisk-like monument that had been erected shortly after the Great War to honor the veterans.  Pipher reported the vanished plaque to the Town Marshal and the town office, and the theft is being investigated. This monument and plaque have been part of the Hanna landscape as long as most Hanna residents can remember. Children have played games around this monument, and folks have come from out of town to find the names of their relatives on this plaque. The original Memorial Day services used to take place at this monument. The loss of this piece of Hanna history has dismayed residents, and the Cemetery Board has offered a $500 reward for information leading to the recovery of the plaque. Others also have offered to supplement this reward. If anyone can help Hanna recover the plaque, please call the Marshal’s office or the town hall.

The old elementary school is slated for demolition, but there were no plans to raze this monument. The property reverts to town ownership, and the town planned to leave the monument in its place on Second Street. Maybe whoever took the plaque did not realize how precious this listing of veterans’ names is to the people of Hanna. If anybody is having an attack of conscience, please return the plaque by leaving it at the monument or near any public building in Hanna.




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