Rocky Mt. Power Warns Customers of Scam

Rocky Mountain Power

RAWLINS, Wyo (Jan. 31, 2014) – Rocky Mountain Power is once again warning customers about ongoing phone scams targeting utility customers, where crooks posing as customer service agents try to steal money and personal information.

Scammers have called residents and businesses across the country, claiming to be from their electric company. They tell potential victims they are late on their power bill and will be disconnected unless they make a payment right away. The caller typically advises the customer to make a payment either immediately on the phone, by calling a special number or by going to a local store to purchase a pre-paid card and calling back with the code.

A recent phone scam attempt in Rawlins was especially concerning. Instead of demanding payment over the phone, the scammer requested an in-person meeting at a Rocky Mountain Power pay station to receive a cash payment.

Customers should be aware these are NOT legitimate requests and Rocky Mountain Power does not follow these practices.

Rocky Mountain Power employees will not call to demand immediate payment over the phone and do not ask for credit card information or pre-paid card numbers. Employees also will not attempt to meet with customers in person to collect cash payments.

If Rocky Mountain Power contacts a customer, the representative will always have the customer’s account number. Even then, it is always appropriate to let the caller know you prefer to call them back at the company’s published customer service number. Rocky Mountain Power can be reached any time, toll free at 1-888-221-7070.

“We want our customers to know these are fraudulent calls and do not come from Rocky Mountain Power,” said Leslie Blythe, customer and community manager. “If someone claiming to be with our company calls to demand payment either on the phone or in person, or makes other suspicious comments, simply hang up and call back at our published customer service number.”

Customers should never provide unsolicited callers or visitors with credit card numbers or any other information that may compromise their financial security. Switching to paperless billing also provides more security by avoiding potential theft of utility bills from the mail box or trash can. Customers can sign up for paperless billing online at or by calling 1-888-221-7070.

Any customer receiving  suspicious calls or other forms of contact regarding their electric bill are encouraged to pay close attention to any information – such as the phone number they are asked to call, the number that appears on caller ID, an address where they’re told to send money, or even vehicle license plate numbers. They should then report the incident to local police and Rocky Mountain Power.

(reprinted from a Rocky Mountain Power Company press release dated 1/31/14)


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