Sinclair Oil Donates Police Car to Hanna

In the fall of 2016, Hanna Town Marshal, Jeff Neimark, wrote a letter to the Wyoming Refinery Company requesting a donation of funding to obtain a police vehicle for the Hanna Marshal’s Office.  Ryta Sondergard, community relations director for Sinclair Refinery, contacted Marshal Neimark numerous times throughout the year to advise him of the status for possible funding regarding his request.  Ryta Sondergard recently told Marshal Neimark that funding was available for the purchase of a police vehicle.

Through her contact with the Police Chief in Greenwood Village, Colorado, Ms. Sondergard had inquired about any police vehicles that they might be available for purchase or bid process. The City of Greenwood Village was very receptive to helping and subsequently sent pictures and information about two used police vehicles that were going for bid.  Ms. Sondergard then authorized Marshal Neimark to make a bid for both used police vehicles, a 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe and a 2011 Ford Crown Victoria.  The cars are in excellent condition.

The Greenwood Village City Manager accepted the bids by the Hanna Marshal’s Office.  On May 3, 2017 Marshal Neimark, Deputy Starr and Hanna Council member, Linda Schisel then went to Greenwood Village to pick up the vehicles. These vehicles will serve as much needed primary and secondary patrol vehicles by the Hanna Marshal’s Office.  One of the vehicles will also be utilized by the Town of Hanna and the Marshal’s Office for training purposes and other activities that are necessary for the town.

The generosity of the Sinclair Oil Corporation is well known and has helped many people and organizations in Carbon County including the Carbon County Boys and Girls Club, Carbon County Youth Crisis Center, the D.A.R.E. Program in Carbon County, the Book Trust – which helps provide books for School Districts #1 and #2, and the Hanna Museum. Sinclair Oil is involved in 85 non-profit government and civic organizations.

Ms. Sondergard’s creativity and many contacts in this community and others enabled Hanna Marshal’s Office to obtain two police vehicles instead of the one that was requested.  The Town of Hanna is very grateful to her and the Sinclair Wyoming Refining Company for helping our community.  This will help our office have more resources. The Tahoe was utilized in the past as a canine unit vehicle.  The extra room in this vehicle will help our office  store extra equipment and can be utilized to transport animals to our Animal Shelter.  This will be great because there will be adequate room for animal equipment that we may use, such as larger and smaller type animal crates.

The city of Greenwood Village was extremely helpful during this process.  The staff of the Public Works Department of Greenwood Village also gave the emergency lighting and other equipment with the purchase of the vehicles which was helpful and appreciated by the Hanna Marshal’s Office.  We will be able to use some if this equipment to outfit our vehicles.

Jeff Neimark
Hanna Town Marshal


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