New Business Opening in Hanna

The grand opening of The Lost Trading Post is this Saturday, October 3, at noon. Allison Hundley and Peter Lang invite you to come down to 1007A Jade Drive (next door to post office) for free hot dogs and coffee and to check out the stock of the new buy-sell-trade store, featuring antiques, knick-knacks, crafts, art work, household items, and more. Local arts and crafts and other items are welcome on consignment. Peter Lang is a long-time Hanna resident, former town marshal, private investigator, musician, and woodworker. Allison Hundley, bricklayer, mason, construction worker, musician, and leather worker, moved to Hanna from Baltimore last May. The owners have plans to expand into leather crafts, furniture building, and display of their own art work in the future. They also envision opening the store some evenings and Sundays as an alternative hangout, a place to drink coffee, chat, play and listen to music.


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