Fire Ravages Hanna Home – Donations Needed

A house fire has gutted a Hanna resident’s home. Bill Grosso of North Tipperary Street lost his house, all its contents, his truck, and his camper in a fire Monday afternoon, August 24th. The Carbon County Fire Department responded quickly but were unable to save his house and possessions. He and his dog were safe. Electricity was lost to Tipperary Street for several hours. Rocky Mountain Power was on the job promptly and restored power at approximately 8 p.m. Mr. Grosso said that the fire started at his truck and he hoped to put it out with a garden hose but then the gas tank blew up and the fire spread rapidly.

Bill Grosso has lost his clothing, furniture, household items, all the stuff we take for granted. An account has been set up for him at Rawlins National Bank. Monetary donations for Bill can be accepted there, and also donations of other items can be left at the bank or the town hall in Hanna.

Tipperary St. Fire  3 8-2015
Tipperary St. Fire  1 8-2015
Tipperary St. Fire  5 8-2015

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