Water Main Replacement – S. 4th St

June 23, 2015

Dear South Clark St. Residents,

As you may know, the Town of Hanna will be replacing a segment of its water main in the next couple of months.  This construction project will affect homeowners along South 4th Street in Hanna who have residential water meters inside of their homes.  These meters will be removed and relocated as part of the water main replacement project.  All existing water meters are owned by the Town of Hanna under our Town Code, Title 13, Section 13.04.100.A

The Town of Hanna will be working with a private contractor to remove and relocate the residential water meters along South 4th Street.  The water meters will be moved from inside of your residence to newly installed meter pits in the South 4th Street right-of-way.  The Town’s contractor will also be installing check valves in the water meter pits to prevent any potentially contaminated water from migrating from a residence back into the public water system.  It is recommended that you install a thermal expansion tank inside of your residence if one is not present.  The thermal expansion tank is necessary to allow the water to safely expand within the residential piping when heated.

Within the next few weeks, we will be putting this project out to bid to private contractors.  Once a contractor is selected for this project, the contractor will contact you directly to schedule a convenient date to remove the existing water meter from inside your residence.  Only a licensed plumber will be allowed to perform these tasks inside of your residence.

The Hanna Town Council will hold a Public Hearing on July 14, 2015, at 6:00 p.m., prior to the regularly scheduled council meeting at the Hanna Town Hall, to explain the project in more detail and to answer any questions you may have about this project.  If you are unable to attend this special meeting in person, please submit any written questions or comments you may have to Vivian Gonzales, the Town of Hanna Clerk.  We will do our best to respond to inquiries in a timely manner.

We appreciate your cooperation on this vital project necessary to ensure the delivery of water in our Town.


Mayor Tony Poulos


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